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We help customers with all of their Slack projects — including migrations, implementations, security, and custom integration development.

Migration Projects

These lift-and-shift projects are tricky, but we've got you covered. Lots of moving parts and cooks in the kitchen. We'll help demystify the process and handle the migration of your workspaces and users to another instance of Slack.

  • Divesting your workspaces and channels to disparate workspaces
  • Merging workspaces and channels into a consolidated slack instance
  • Support for migrations involving all plan types (grid, select, pro)

We've done this before - we've got you covered.

Apps & Integrations

We've built dozens of apps across a variety of verticals being used by hundreds of thousands of users. We understand the value of integrating your favorite tools and systems with Slack.

  • Scoping, development, and deployment of custom apps and integrations
  • Deliver tools for educating users and driving adoption
  • Includes hand-on-keyboard engineering (NodeJS & Python)
  • Automations, integrations, slash-command and adminstrative tools
  • Provide thorough documentation of the codebase and configuration
  • Implemented with Slack App security best-practices top of mind

We are obsessed with automation.


There are a lot of considerations to make and levers to pull when setting up your Slack instance. Ramping your business onto Slack can be a full-timne job. Rogue can help you out.

  • Security & privacy provisions to comply with your business policies
  • Slack Grid Architecture & configuration
  • Adminstrative provisions and policies configurations
  • Best Practices and conventions for maximizing usability and productivity

Get the most value out of Slack.

Let us handle the tricky stuff

Trusted by corporations to handle both simple and complex Slack projects.

We're former Slack employees that that are intimately familiar with the intricacies and capabilities of the platform. Rest assured your projects will be delivered expeditiously and properly.


We will work within the confines of your business practices and policies

We're builders

Hands on keyboard coding work for migrations and custom integration projects.


We've handled large & small projects for many companies across a variety of verticals

Competitive Pricing

Our reasonable rates reflect our ability to execute your projects expeditiously

"We were worried about the scope of our migration,
but the Rogue team gave us confidence throughout the project and executed it flawlessly end-to-end"

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